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Day 3 Jentezen Franklin sermon Empty Day 3 Jentezen Franklin sermon

on Wed Jan 24, 2018 10:19 pm
"Three people see it when you fast: God, you and the devil." Well, and my kids. There really isn't much that's secret since we've had children. Smile

Having had acquaintances who announce their fasts and their times of prayer to make sure everyone knows about it, I can see the value of secrecy. I recently read something stressing the importance of secrecy, because we will lose the reward if we don't fast/pray/give in secret. Whether the reward is knowing God better, or a breakthrough or a revelation, direction, or revival, it's important enough to guard it with secrecy. And secrecy reminds me of what you said, Dalene, about the honeymoon - going away to be alone together - kind of like a secret time and place, not to be shared with others.
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Day 3 Jentezen Franklin sermon Empty Re: Day 3 Jentezen Franklin sermon

on Fri Jan 26, 2018 5:08 pm
Yes, it's an interesting reminder that the enemy is watching....

I've struggled this fast physically in different ways (first week - I couldn't sleep, I was getting less than 4 hours a night; 2nd week - came down with Emma's cold). Both of which tended to make me a bit "out of it" or disconnected. So....in some ways, I miss having my heart be as sensitized as normal. It has been more of a "doing it by faith that it is detoxing my heart", than seeing it happen at the time...
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