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Day 5 - Fellowshipping with the Spirit Empty Day 5 - Fellowshipping with the Spirit

on Fri Jan 26, 2018 10:07 pm
"We walk in the Spirit to the degree that we talk to the Spirit. It is as simple as can be and is accessible to every believer. We set our mind on Him and speak to Him."

This article has a lot of food for thought for me. (Food?! Smile ) Mike Bickle talks about engaging with the Holy Spirit as a dynamic person and cultivating a friendship with him. And although I believe in the 3 persons, 1 God concept of the trinity, I admit I've had an easier time thinking of God the Father with a distinct personality and the personality ofJesus the Son than I have the Spirit because, well, he's a spirit. I've focused a lot on knowing God (as a good and perfect Father) and relating to Jesus as my savior and friend, but I'm thinking this could be a key that I've been missing in walking in the Spirit. By not thinking of the Spirit as a person I can fellowship with like the Father and the Son...am I ignoring him?

"A vibrant walk with the Spirit is essential in our quest to experience more of God. It is futile to seek deep experiences with God while neglecting the Spirit’s leadership and relationship in our lives."

There's a lot to think about there!
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