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on Mon Jan 22, 2018 9:35 am
I just loved the fact that we were all able to connect and hear from each other. For me, hearing how for each of you, the timing of the course corresponded nicely with where you are at or with what is currently going on in your lives and ministries was encouraging. It makes me feel like this is more than a random course, but an instrument of God's timing in our lives. That makes me extra excited and hopeful as to what the blessings, benefits and breakthroughs might be in store for us.

One thing I wanted to remind us of is that often I have not seen at least some of the results of a fast either during the fast or immediately after. But it has ben a sowing into the future where increased sensitivity or answers to prayers were seen weeks or months down the road. So just know that the effectiveness of the fast is something that you will reap, even if it is something that is not immediately discernable to you.

I am so thankful for you guys and for your openness to be a part. I love anything that can draw us, who are often separated by distance and busyness, together in deeper community. I think this that we are doing together, pleases the heart of the Father very much. I hope that you sense and feel his pleasure and favor over you.

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