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Curtis Hobbs Empty Curtis Hobbs

on Thu Jan 25, 2018 2:00 pm
I remember reading Derek Prince's book "Shaping History through Fasting and Praying" in my early years at the University of Wyoming because I knew we needed some kind of breakthrough  on our campus for people to be saved.  As I re-read this chapter today the word restoration stood out from these two places -emphasis mine:
<<reformation. Today, God is no longer concerned with reformation.  His purpose is restoration. God is moving to restore every area of His people's inheritance to its original condition. The "former rain" brought into being a church that satisfied the divine standards of purity, power, and order. The "latter rain" will restore the church to the same standards. Then—and only then will the church be able to fulfill its destiny in the world. This is the end toward which God is now working.
Like Joel, Isaiah pointed to a close connection between fasting and the restoration of God's people. Isaiah closed his message on fasting with this theme: "building the old waste places, repairing the breach, restoring paths to dwell in." This work of restoration is the purpose of God for His people at this time. The divinely appointed means to accomplish it is prayer and fasting.>>>

Maybe it's because we still see so much ruin and dilapidation in people's lives and the buildings here that this struck a chord for me today.  But then I wonder, if the people of God includes people who are not yet believers?  Can unbelievers be "restored"? I say, yes, in the sense that they are restored to their original intent.  God originally wanted all people to be His people.  So I realize that fasting and prayer need to be an integral part of our ministry here if we are going to see any spiritual restoration take place.
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