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Reflections from day 3 Empty Reflections from day 3

on Wed Jan 24, 2018 5:47 pm
Piper's chapter today was still a bit wordy, but I felt his main point of fasting impacting history, specifically revival and missionary endeavor, was well taken. His initial reference to Acts 13 is what got me thinking the most, especially the fact the it appears the church in Antioch was fasting and worshiping as part of their normal community life when the Holy Spirit directs them to send a missionary team.
What a beautiful example of a community, or at least leadership team, that fasted and worshiped together (regularly it would seem, although Luke doesn't say that), putting themselves in a place to hear from the Holy Spirit. More than seeking direction for ministry through fasting, I see fasting as making them sensitive and open to hear from God. However in v. 3, after hearing from the Holy Spirit, they continue in fasting and prayer in preparation for Barnabas and Saul's departure.
Another cool aspect to this example is that they were doing this together. As Piper points out, they didn't interpret Jesus' teaching to fast and pray "in secret" to mean individually or with no one else knowing, but more the attitude of doing this for God not for personal recognition.
Unfortunately, I got the opposite vibe from the Franklin video. He made a big deal about fasting in secret, but his emphasis seemed to be on the very public pay out we would receive.
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Reflections from day 3 Empty I agree with Warren

on Wed Jan 24, 2018 5:57 pm
I also thought Franklin was way heavy on the public rewards. It made me uncomfortable. It felt way too much about what people were going to get out of it and it smacked of prosperity Gospel (God wants to bless you). I know nothing about this guy, so I don’t want to be judgmental. Maybe my prejudices are showing- sorry if this point of view bothers anyone.
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Reflections from day 3 Empty Fasting in private, corporately; not asking for something, but then asking for something. :)

on Wed Jan 24, 2018 9:14 pm
I didn't have a problem with Jentezen's message, but I've known him for years. He used to preach at our church in FL from time to time. There does seem to be more of a discussion about corporate fasting in today's lesson than private fasting. He talks about fasting in secret and being rewarded in public, but then you know that the entire church (those who participate) will be fasting for 21-days. In Piper's reading he talks about the group (of at least 5) fasting and praying together.

Also contrasting yesterday's video with today's, yesterday talked about fasting is humbling ourselves, dying to our flesh, to grow our relationship with God, not fasting to get something. But today's video (and a little in yesterday's) talk about asking God for great things, for breakthrough, etc. And to be sure there were times in the Bible that people fasted for a specific reason. God we need this or God we need that. I find that to be the difficult thing in the discussion of fasting. We don't fast to get something, but in denying our flesh we grow closer to God, but then we also fast to get something, asking for direction or breakthrough or whatever. It is interesting to read/hear the different perspectives (both of the videos and readings, but also the forum discussions)
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Reflections from day 3 Empty different viewpoints

on Thu Jan 25, 2018 11:32 am
I am glad that everyone is picking up on the differences in the materials. I think the reality of the difficulty of findig balance in the truth of what the Bible traches about fasting is eveidencing itself. There are rewards to fasting, just like to giving. And with neither prayer, fasting, or giving are we supposed to do iy so tht others know, nor do it in order to receive. Often when we as pastors and teachers are wanting to get people in our ministries to participate because we know the blessint it will be to the church and to their lives, it is hard to motivate people who are unovitaved without kind of spelling out the benefits to them. Maybe it is after they are in the habit or better predisposed to participate, then the balance of teaching can come that we don't so it to receive something but we do it so that we will increase our intimacy and obedience to God. It's hard to strike the balance.
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Reflections from day 3 Empty Re: Reflections from day 3

on Thu Jan 25, 2018 2:09 pm
Yes, Lord help us find the balance.  Edward it is helpful to know that you know Jentzen and have had him minister for you before.  Honestly, if I did not think God was going to do something through or as a result of my fasting, I do not know that I would willingly participate in it.

Mark, I think that having the differing views really is helpful to give us perspective and to make us think more deeply about things.
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