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Piper Chapter 5 Empty Piper Chapter 5

on Wed Jan 24, 2018 5:44 pm
I think I would hate to live in the world of being John Piper who seems to be so under a stringent theological microscope from hyper-judgmental fundamentalist and doctrine police that he just can't come out and say what he wants but has to couch every point in apologies and warnings and not wanting to be misunderstood. That would be maddeningly paralyzing. But when he does actually say what is in his heart and not just his mind I liked a few things he said- "The critical issue is not that we are seen while fasting but whether we want them to know so we can bask in their admiration" Good point. We need to hear the spirit of what Jesus was trying to say and not the letter of the law.
Also he said "Fasting is a cry with body and not just our soul " That is what I try to do when I feel a hunger pang. " I'm hungering more for You, Jesus!"
I was inspired by the fasting examples of men
Like Wesley, Shepard and Mather. I have to ask myself if I am ok with living a life of Mather and Shepard - to invest in prayer and fasting for France and yet possibly not be here one day to experience it. I will have to love God and the people of France more greatly if the possibility of me and my family never getting to experience what I contend and war in the spirit and sacrifice and believe for.
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