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on Wed Jan 24, 2018 5:33 pm
Today at 17:23
by MarkGood
I like how he brought out that "nothing was happening in Jesus fast except a battle and temptation but He returned in the power of the Spirit." Lord help my limited vision and shortsighted evaluation to not be the determining factor of what you are doing in me. I am believing that we will emerge from this time of deprivation and testing of our wills having more of your Spirit's power manifested in our lives.

Also I was touched by his statement "Get broken. When my eyes are dry my soul is dry. God wants to make you sensitive again" I do want this fast to help me to return to a greater sensitivity and eyes that weep easier in His presence like before.

And his last statement that impacted me was "Im emptying out so you can fill me up" If there is anything in me that is preventing Him from filling me with more of Him then I want that emptied out of me in these days because what I really need more of is Him.
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