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Welcome and instructions Empty Welcome and instructions

on Mon Jan 15, 2018 1:44 pm
Welcome to the group forum of the Fasting and Walking in the Spirit course. We are so thankful you are joining us in these days of growing in our ability to engage in one of the important the spiritual disciplines. Our hope is that these days of being set apart to God will also enhance our ability to hear the leading and direction of the Holy Spirit and we will find ourselves more in tune with what He wants to do in and through us.

One of the advantages of this course is being to able to walk on this journey of fasting and seeking God along with other missionary colleagues. This is the purpose of the forum - so that we can be encouraged and motivated to complete this fast, especially because we are not alone in the process. Nor are we alone in our feelings of inadequacy, difficulty to discern the Spirit's voice, or winning the battle over our flesh. As we read and benefit from the thoughts, insights, and even struggles of others, we hope we can mutually build each other up and all make it to the end of the course knowing we have been on a journey - TOGETHER.

As you post your comments and interactions with the material of the course as well as the process of fasting, please feel free to be open and honest with your thoughts and assessments. The goal is not that you would agree with everything, but that you would engage to the point of having reflected on the subject matter and grown in your spiritual life and your own understanding and convictions. Please feel free to respond to others' posts as well, as we encourage and inspire one another.

We would ask each day of the course that you post one of your own reflections, and respond to at least one other persons' post. Please post on the appropriate day (1-6)

Thanks again for your willingness to be involved in this. We pray you are blessed in ways that surpass your expectations.

Mark and Dalene
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